ContainerWashing system for cleaning pallet boxes and BigBoxes

Containers Washer for pallet boxes, Paloxen & BigBoxes

Washing system For cleaning pallet boxes, BigBoxes and Palloxen

The container washer  system for cleaning pallet boxes, paloxs and BigBoxes is the ideal solution for your business. 

Thanks to the integrated filter system, the containersWashing systems extremely resource-saving in terms of water and power consumption. 

Capacity: 40 – 600 containers per hour

  • Power connection: 3x400V/50Hz+N+PE
  • Motor protection:IP55
  • Pump power:22 kW x 90 mm3 at 6 bar
  • WrasenabzUG: Low pressure fan 2.2 kW
  • Water connection tank + rinse: 3/4″ AG
  • Water drain: Fast emptying flap 200 x 200 mm, additional water drain 3″
  • Tank capacity: approx. 800 litres
  • Noise level: approx. 65db (A)
  • Electric tank heating: 4 x 9 kW
  • Connected power: approx. 25 kW (excl. tank heating and flow-through heaters)
  • Washing time: freely selectable
  • Containers per hour: 15 – 30 containers/h depending on the degree of contamination
  • Nozzle wreath: stainless steel 1.4301
  • Wash temperature: 35 – 60°C freely selectable
  • Clear rinse temperature: 82 – 85°C

Paloxen, big boxes and loading wagons.

We adapt the system individually to your laundry material.

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Our experience with containerWashing systems in numbers
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Industrial containerWashing system

Washing systems of Heim EDT GmbH such as container washer container cleaning of large containers, lattice boxes, paloxen, loading trolleys and pallet boxes. Executions as a cabin or continuous system of the containers, depending on the quantity and desired degree of cleaning of the goods.

  • capacity according to customer requirements.
  • Compact container washer system for effective cleaning of large containers.
  • The Washing system for containers has a combined pre-wash (optional), main wash and rinse.
  • The container cleaning of the containers is resource-saving thanks to the integrated filter system and can save chemistry.
  • The containers washer are manufactured in Germany.

The loading or unloading of the containers in the containerWashing system is supplied as standard with an electromotor (servomotor) actuated loading door. In the container washer system is simultaneously used for the reception of the washing material as well as for the locking device of the washroom. The containers are easily placed directly on the door and fixed. The door is then sealed waterproof (drip water recovery), with the closing of the door the washing cycle automatically begins. After its completion, the door of the containerWashing system opens automatically.

The container washer system will adapt your item, whether boxes, pallets, buckets, paloxes, big boxes, large containers or trays – Heim EDT GmbH has the right system for its industrial or food business. If necessary, the systems can still be supplemented with a module for drying the goods. Each machine is individually adapted to the cleaning material. D