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Hygiene stations for the food industry

Hygieneschleuse für die Lebensmittelindustrie und Lebensmittelbetriebe mit Handwäsche

Hygiene station from Heim – EDT are the perfect basis for a successful hygiene concept and form the foundation of optimal personnel hygiene.

Hygiene stations Definition: Hygiene stations are used to prevent and transfer contamination in your food production areas. The Hygiene stations are manufactured according to HACCP standard and are the optimal solution for your food operation.

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Hygiene stations in the food industry

The Heim – EDT team plans each Hygiene station individually according to your needs, such as the number of its employees, the spatial conditions, the actual amount of dirt and the hygiene requirements in your company. Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of Hygiene stations and the constant contact with veterinarians, we know exactly how the legal regulations and guidelines are to be integrated into your food business. The most important factor for planning the Hygiene station is the number of employees who have to pass through the Hygiene station The basic equipment of a Hygiene station includes

  • Hand washing and hand disinfection devices
  • Sole cleaning and sole disinfection equipment
  • Shaft cleaning and shaft sole disinfection devices
  • Hand drying system

For larger numbers of employees, we recommend that, in order to avoid flooding at the beginning of shifts or shifts, separate steps such as hand cleaning and hand disinfection as well as sole cleaning and sole disinfection should not be combined in one device, but rather different facilities. This adjustment does not reach the capacity of the Hygiene station and allows you to guide a large number of employees through the lock with a system.

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Our experience with Hygiene stations in numbers

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Hygiene stations in the food industry

Disinfection, hand cleaning, sole cleaning & shaft cleaning all aspects of personnel hygiene combined in one hygiene lock. The hygiene sled from Heim EDT is individually adapted to your company and your employees. All Hygiene stations and washing Washing systems are HACCP compliant and have hygienic designs. Your employee can go through the following stations when crossing the Hygiene station according to your wishes.

  • Sole cleaning and disinfection
  • Hand cleaning, drying and hand disinfection
  • Shaft cleaning
  • Electromechanical hub

The Hygiene station can also be equipped with soap dispensers, hand wash basins, towel dispensers or paper baskets for your employees. To improve the hygiene of your employees, the following stations can be passed through in the Hygiene stations

Non-contact sensor-controlled soap dispenser or hand disinfection in the Hygiene station (one-hand operation): doses an adjustable amount of liquid hand cleaner for hand cleaning. Non-contact sensor-controlled hand wash basin attached to the Hygiene stations the hot water supply is activated by a sensor for an adjustable time, integrated into the Hygiene station Paper towel dispenser for drying hands and improving hygiene, trash, (option: hot air dryer). Non-contact sensor-controlled hand sanitizer dispenser for 2-hand wetting, doses an adjustable amount of disinfectant into the hands for better hygiene. By triggering the hand disinfection or hand cleaning, the one-time turnstile release is carried out by impulse; with optical signals for release detection (red cross = locked, green arrow = free). Hub: three-armed, electromechanically controlled. Opposite direction from the production can be adjusted either freely or locked. Shoe sole cleaning by pressure activation: when entering the brush rollers, the brush motors and the solenoid valve – cleaning and disinfectant supply according to the injector principle, are activated. The Heim EDT team has more than 25 years of experience in personal hygiene, hand cleaning hygiene technology, Hygiene stations & washing Washing systems We place the highest demands on our hygiene technology, which is why all parts of our Hygiene stations from hand disinfection & hand cleaning to boot drying, comply with the HACCP concept and are extremely hygienic thanks to innovative design and technologies.

Areas of application of Hygiene stations

Hygiene stations have a wide range of applications thanks to their many possible options. For example, the following areas of application are conceivable.

  • Hygiene stations in the food industry
  • Hygiene stations for butchers, bakeries, dairies or similar food establishments.
  • Hygiene stations for kitchens & commercial kitchens
  • Hygiene stations for industry

The system is then individually adapted to you together with you in order to improve hygiene in your industry or food business.

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