Crate washer – Cleaning & Disinfection

Crate washers

Kistenwaschanlage zur Reinigung von Kisten und Boxen

The crate washing machines are made of stainless steel and have a hygienic design thanks to HACCP standardization. The Washing systems are adapted to the good to be cleaned. Thanks to an integrated water filter, the crate washing system is extremely resource-saving when cleaning boxes and boxes.

Capacity: 100 – 5,000 boxes per hour.

  • Drying module
  • Drying via centris dryer
  • Water
  • One-man operation 
  • Dosing pump
  • WrasenabzUG
  • Etc.

Crates E1, E2, E3, Boxes, S-Performance Containers and Boxes

We adapt the system individually to your laundry material

Technical data of a Washing system for 200 boxes per hour

Pump : DWO300
Pump flow rate: 450 l/min
Tank capacity: 200 litres
Water consumption approx. : 0.5 – 0.6 l/box
Electrical power: 1 x 6 kW – electric screw-in heating rod
Wash temperature: 30-60°C Adjustable
Nozzles : Clip-eyelet (rotatable flat jet nozzles)
Filter system : Stainless steel plug-in screen 1.4301 filter fabric

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Industrial Crate washers

CLT Washing systems such as Crate washers from the mechanical engineering manufacturer Heim – EDT GmbH are the optimal solution for washing product-specific containers. The Crate washer has a hygienic design and innovative technologies for fast and effective cleaning of boxes.

The CLK Crate washer from the mechanical engineering manufacturer Heim EDT is separated into a main washing area and a rinsing zone. In the main washing area of the Crate washers the boxes are cleaned with circulating water. In the Washing system the built-in filter systemHeim-EDT-screenTecH” is constantly cleaned. As a part, the Crate washer saves important resources and costs. The built-in tank heating of the Washing systems keeps the washing water in the main flushing zone of the Crate washers constantly at the desired temperature.

In the rerinse zone of the CLT Crate washer the containers are rinsed with hot and clean fresh water and thermally disinfected (optionally, the boxes under adding are completely cleaned of detergent or disinfectant in the Washing systems. This water is then optimally fed with the “EDT double cascade system” in the main cleaning area of the Crate washers and reused there several times.

Thanks to this unique process of CLT systems, a maximum washing result of the containers, boxes and crates without pH-value transport is achieved with a minimum water, energy and chemical consumption.

We sell new and used machines in the best quality. The Crate washers can be supplied with the following project-specific modules.

  • One-man operation
  • Drying module
  • Electricity or steam heating
  • External dimensions of the Crate washer adapted to your company

Now get in contact for CLT Crates washer Heim EDT industrial systems in the best quality. Heim EDT GmbH systems in the best quality.