Spit protection & counter attachment

Spitting protection for pharmacies

Spit protection & counter attachment for your company

With a spit protection from Heim EDT, your shop or shop is perfectly protected with passages thanks to the acryl glass counter display. The spit protection for better hygiene in the catering pharmacy, bakeries and bakery. Counter attachments made of high-quality acrylic glass or plexiglass. The counter attachments act as droplet protection, sneezing protection or cough protection.

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Gastronomy Spit protection

Desk Spit protection

Pharmacy Spit protection

  • Dimensions: 800x500x5 mm Plexiglas

  • with passing

  • Including. 4x SaUGbuttons for extremely safe stand

  • Including. Handles for easier transport or positioning

  • Manufactured to Swiss standards

  • Complete with screws and hat nuts, unassembled

Stainless steel sneezprotection in Apoheke

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Spit protection & counter attachment for your Business

The spit protection made of Plexiglas is extremely resistant thanks to the four integrated SaUGbuttons. The counter stand does not fall over like conventional stand-ups with every movement. The frame of the spit protection is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the attached handles, you can easily position and transport the spit protection anywhere. The counter protection is easy to clean and meets the highest hygiene standards.